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Product HQ

Entor’s Product Impact platform helps innovative product leaders drive business results while eliminating manual work and cross-functional friction.
Driving growth by bringing business context to your usage data, for the first time.


Super Powers

Harness the power of AI to make Product Management super-human, and highly impactful
Work on the right things, based on a complete 360 view of customer needs
Strategically engage the entire organization, without noise
Measure your team based on what matters: business results
Eliminate manual work: no more support tickets tagging or stocking sales calls
Attribute revenue to product initiatives, and celebrate product wins

Entor is bringing Product Management into the

Generative AI era

Bring together data from all over the organization, and use Entor's unique technology to decide what to build, understand what customers want and celebrate product impact - while eliminating manual work.
Entor utilizes your data to help Product leaders and Product teams answer 3 main questions:

How do I





Entor consolidates Technical, Product, Revenue, and Conversational Data across your business -
And helps you focus on the core pillars of Product Leadership:


Building the right thing, at the right time to meet business goals


Measuring the team based on progress and results, not effort


Ensuring visibility across the organization: everyone knows what’s coming, and drive adoption

Multiple integrations support data-based

product decisions

Integrating for you product input from everywhere inside the organization and beyond.


AI Insights

on the spot

Integrating for you product input from everywhere inside the organization and beyond.

Automatically tie product initiatives to

Impact generated

With visibility into your team and other departments. Showing your impact on the business and allowing you to easily share it.
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Privacy and security first approach

Masking algorithms make sure sensitive data is processed securely. Fully compliant to industry-level security and privacy standards.
Soc 2 Type II Certified
GDPR ready

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